Unity 机器学习代理工具包 (ML-Agents) 是一个开源项目,它使游戏和模拟能够作为训练智能代理的环境。
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Unity ML-Agents Toolkit Documentation

Installation & Set-up

Getting Started

Creating Learning Environments

Training & Inference

Extending ML-Agents

Python Tutorial with Google Colab


API Docs


To make the Unity ML-Agents Toolkit accessible to the global research and Unity developer communities, we're attempting to create and maintain translations of our documentation. We've started with translating a subset of the documentation to one language (Chinese), but we hope to continue translating more pages and to other languages. Consequently, we welcome any enhancements and improvements from the community.

Deprecated Docs

We no longer use them ourselves and so they may not be up-to-date. We've decided to keep them up just in case they are helpful to you.