Animation Rigging 包可以在运行时为动画骨架启用程序化的运动,该示例项目演示了设置的工作流程步骤。
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title: Lightweight RP
- heading: Lightweight Render Pipeline
text: 'This template is a good starting point for developers focused on performance.
The Lightweight Render Pipeline offers both real-time lighting and baked lighting
in a single-pass forward renderer. This decreases the amount of necessary draw
calls, making LWRP idea for projects that must scale across platforms, including
mobile hardware. '
- heading:
text: 'The Lightweight Render Pipeline is currently still in development, so it
is subject to changes (API, UX, scope). As such, it is not covered by regular
Unity support. Please direct any questions to the:'
linkText: Preview Forum
- heading:
text: 'To read more about the Lightweight Render Pipeline, see this LWRP documentation
site: '
linkText: LWRP documentation site
- heading:
text: 'This project also includes the new Shader Graph tool. With this tool, you
can create shaders with a visual node editor instead of writing code. Read more
about the Shader Graph here:'
linkText: Shader Graph
- heading:
text: 'This project also includes the new Post-processing stack, several presets
to jump-start development, and example content. To learn more about Post-processing
please refer to the wiki page located here:'
linkText: Post-processing
- heading:
text: This project uses the new Package Manager to bring you the latest features
Unity has to offer. Open the Package Manager from Windows > Package Manager
and make sure you're using the most recent version of the Lightweight Render
Pipeline. To update packages, select your desired package from the list on the
left, and click the Update to button in the bottom right corner.
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