Gameplay Ingredients是一组用于 Unity 游戏的运行时和编辑器工具:一组脚本的集合,可在制作游戏和原型时简化简单的任务。
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GameplayIngredients - Delta Changelog

This Delta changelog states all changes made in order to run on Spaceship Demo

2019-03-26 Initial Release

  • (thomasi) Added a reference to Timeline package in GameplayIngredients runtime ASMDEF
  • (thomas) tweaked Advanced Hierarchy view so the (s) static is not displayed on top of the view toggle (2019.2)
  • (BACKPORT) (thomas) Changed the default player prefab to have the Player Tag
  • (thomas) Removed the Menu item for toggling gizmos
  • (thomas) Removed Unselect All menu shortcut
  • (BACKPORT) (thomas) Added Static accessor InteractionManger for accessing information for Hovering.
  • (BACKPORT) (thomas) Made static InteractionManger.GetCandidates public for accessing information for Hovering.
  • (BACKPORT) (thomas) Tweaked Debug Log for Callables