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Thomas ICHÉ 3a0fc81e Bump Version 2 年前
Thomas ICHÉ 8bd08625 Updated Changelog 2 年前
GitHub 44b44345 Refactor : Messages as integer keys (Performance improvement) 2 年前
Thomas ICHÉ 75bbd14f Updated Changelog 2 年前
GitHub 3467fe16 Improved Selection History (#71) 2 年前
Thomas ICHÉ 09777c98 Version bump 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ bf776f01 Fixed changelog 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ 9f0e4db1 Fixed OnButtonDownEvent incorrect ifdef 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ b340fe66 Icons for Generic Rigs 3 年前
GitHub 4f250950 Generic Animation Rigs (#53) 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ 4f60aaff Bump version to 2020.2.10 3 年前
GitHub bdfe0c3a Refactor : 2021.2 Scene View Toolbar (#54) 3 年前
GitHub f562a98e Refactor Icons / GUI (#55) 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ 069509f5 Bump version to 2020.2.9 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ 28b0b431 Removed HDRP Additional Camera data from `Default_VirtualCameraManager` 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ 020f80d8 Bump Version to 2020.2.8 / Updated Changelog 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ 3a0ba21e CRITICAL ! Fixes for Non-VFXGraph present projects. 3 年前
GitHub 9ec6abec OnVFXOutputEvent (#52) 3 年前
GitHub c0961890 Update starter packages (New Input System / Fixes) (#51) 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ 378aa129 Fixed Syntax + Dirtying for Initialize Values in Simple Player Input 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ f8e6a633 Slight fix to remove wanning when two systems are present at the same time 3 年前
GitHub 34ee154f New InputSystem package support. (#50) 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ 1bb4d78c Fix Package.json 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ 54e0586d Added Author to package.json 3 年前
GitHub 95715a7b Cinemachine Actions : Noise / Shake / Blends (#49) 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ c68963bb Bump Version to 2020.2.7 3 年前
GitHub 7a8b672f Handle Presence of Modules (#48) 3 年前
GitHub 22e24a82 Added Events (#46) 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ c2a2f38b Fixed Out of sync Ingredients explorer Window 3 年前
GitHub 68045e21 Handle drop in Callable Reorderable Lists (#47) 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ f8ab0b02 Bump version to 2020.2.6 3 年前
GitHub d2a47ed0 Added more items to Menus (#45) 3 年前
GitHub 708623d3 Callable List Add Menu (#44) 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ 9909a02e Bumped version to 2020.2.5 3 年前
GitHub 5425f8e9 Fix Callable Selection Dropdown (Callable Property Drawer) (#43) 3 年前
GitHub 19f5b2e6 Pingable Editors for most Ingredients (Event/Logic/Actions/State Machines) (#42) 3 年前
GitHub fc3c7f3a Check : Better SceneObject Search for fields and game objects (#41) 3 年前
GitHub 12eff8ec Fixed Rig Manager Update not executing correctly when collection is modified during its execution. (#40) 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ b007eea4 Updated Version to 2020.2.4 3 年前
GitHub 6c9ef7ce Single Update Manager + Optimized State Update / OnUpdateEvent (#39) 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ 876512f4 Removed Unnecessary OnDisable() on RigManager 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ abfefed4 Removed Log Message 3 年前
GitHub d7cc2b12 Scene View Toolbar Preferences (#38) 3 年前
GitHub a25caceb Scene/Project Comments (#23) 3 年前
GitHub f5215ac2 Adding Help Items (#35) 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ 74ee3473 Fixed Removal of divergent update mode rig + error message 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ 617ccb73 Fixed bad usings 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ 2d7f6924 RigManager : Small Fix 3 年前
GitHub a54b34ad Single update for Rigs (#22) 3 年前
Thomas ICHÉ 252a9431 Increased Package Version to 2020.2.3 3 年前