Unity 机器学习代理工具包 (ML-Agents) 是一个开源项目,它使游戏和模拟能够作为训练智能代理的环境。
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omit = */tests/*
# Run "pytest --cov=ml-agents --cov=ml-agents-envs --cov=gym-unity" to see the current coverage percentage.
# Run the above plus "--cov-report html" to get a nice visualization of what is/isn't covered in html format.
fail_under = 60
# black will apply a line length of 88 to code but not docstrings/comments
# This seems like a decent compromise between readability and redoing all the docstrings.
ignore =
# Black tends to introduce things flake8 doesn't like, such as "line break before binary operator"
# or whitespace before ':'. Rather than fight with black, just ignore these for now.
W503, E203,
# flake-tidy-import adds this warning, which we don't really care about for now
banned-modules = tensorflow = use mlagents.tf_utils instead (it handles tf2 compat).
logging = use mlagents_envs.logging_util instead
torch = use mlagents.torch_utils instead (handles GPU detection).