Unity 机器学习代理工具包 (ML-Agents) 是一个开源项目,它使游戏和模拟能够作为训练智能代理的环境。
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Unity ML-Agents Python Interface

The mlagents_envs Python package is part of the ML-Agents Toolkit. mlagents_envs provides a Python API that allows direct interaction with the Unity game engine. It is used by the trainer implementation in mlagents as well as the gym-unity package to perform reinforcement learning within Unity. mlagents_envs can be used independently of mlagents for Python communication.


Install the mlagents_envs package with:

python -m pip install mlagents_envs==0.27.0

Usage & More Information

See the Python API Guide for more information on how to use the API to interact with a Unity environment.

For more information on the ML-Agents Toolkit and how to instrument a Unity scene with the ML-Agents SDK, check out the main ML-Agents Toolkit documentation.


  • mlagents_envs uses localhost ports to exchange data between Unity and Python. As such, multiple instances can have their ports collide, leading to errors. Make sure to use a different port if you are using multiple instances of UnityEnvironment.
  • Communication between Unity and the Python UnityEnvironment is not secure.
  • On Linux, ports are not released immediately after the communication closes. As such, you cannot reuse ports right after closing a UnityEnvironment.