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8dbd554e · nitpick edits. · Updated 6 months ago



356c8836 · Staging/dev should be pretty in-sync · Updated 1 year ago


5f62c6f2 · updating join/create · Updated 1 year ago


0aa1fee6 · Remove usage of connectionInfo · Updated 8 months ago


06dea12e · renamed the namespace · Updated 6 months ago


06dea12e · renamed the namespace · Updated 6 months ago


02574016 · Working wire implementation (Only passes the lobby color, and relay code around) · Updated 6 months ago


9b1c2613 · Animated Starfield for Icon BG Masks · Updated 11 months ago


bfb28426 · Cursor click effect Stopping point. (does not show on the game camera yet?) · Updated 11 months ago


8b27e70f · Just a couple TODOs that are no longer relevant. · Updated 1 year ago


285b152b · Added Readme.pdf · Updated 1 year ago


8957a190 · Merging from main to check compatibility · Updated 1 year ago


340e6113 · unlinked local project · Updated 1 year ago


d6a7e8dc · Fixing a timing issue with the lobby heartbeat, where you could leave a lobby right before the heartbeat elapses and then create a new one, and the heartbeat would still trigger with the old one. · Updated 1 year ago


9f43a38a · Minor renames to clarify join codes. · Updated 1 year ago


994660bc · Upgrade to Unity 2020.3.15f · Updated 1 year ago


899c1d93 · Validated a couple notes from the previous changeset. Removed error code from the lobby list query since we no longer are provided the HTTP error code directly. · Updated 1 year ago


f2cbe7d0 · Removed extraneous files. · Updated 1 year ago


a9d87593 · Quick comment change · Updated 1 year ago


34d290fb · Removing scoped registries. · Updated 1 year ago